"A full and luminous sound, immense pianistic poise, sensibility, an originality without overwhelming ego." 

Alain Lompech , BNDES Rio de Janeiro Piano Competition Review


"Only one word can adequately describe this performance...Sensational ! Particularly exciting was the sense of devilry that permeated the faster variations, in which the notes glittered and dazzled like showers of diamonds. "

Michael Traub (The Citizen Gauteng) UNISA Competition Final Round Review


"A name to be shouted from the rooftops... a young man whose staggering virtuoso credentials easily match those of the young Horowitz, Cziffra and Rosenthal... this guy goes the extra quarter mile.... an easy confidence, corruscating brilliance and gay (in the old sense of the word) abandon with ear, heart and mind in perfect alliance ... unforgettable."

John Humphreys, Chairman Dudley International Piano Competition


"Le Roumain Petrica Daniel Ciobanu, 23 ans, l’extraterrestre de la bande (tenue de rockeur, chignon sur le sommet du crâne) est surtout un inspiré, un coloriste, un inventeur captivant ... "

Martine Mergeay "LibreBelgique" 2014